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Changes To This Policy

Huda Clinic may, without notice, change this Policy from time to time for any reason and will update the Policy accordingly. We ask that you visit our website periodically in order to remain up to date with such changes.



Huda Clinic is collecting your personal information for the purpose of establishing and administering your access to the Website (along with any future service we provide and which requires logging in), providing you information, facilitating our supply of goods and/ or services to you (where applicable) and for the purpose of understanding our audiences. If you use your Facebook ID or Google ID to log into this Website, you also consent to us collecting your personal information (such as your public profile including name and email address) from Facebook or Google (as applicable) for these purposes.  Huda Clinic will otherwise handle your personal information in accordance with GDPR.


How do we collect personal information?

We collect personal information in a number of ways, including:

  • Directly from you through our websites, via phone, via application forms or when you download and use digital applications.
  • From other parties (such as your representatives, credit reporting agencies, social media sites, our related companies, our syndication partners).
  • From publicly available sources.
  • From our own records of when you visit us online or where we have an online presence (such as Facebook or Twitter).
  • When we are required by law.

How do we use your personal information?

Your personal information may be used to:

  • Verify your identity.
  • Provide, manage and administer your services.
  • Provide our products and services, including directory services and advertising through a number of media.
  • Conduct credit checks and to help prevent fraud.
  • Performing research and analysis aimed at improving our products, services and technologies.
  • Help us deliver better services to you.
  • Help us maintain and develop our business systems and infrastructure; and

Promote and market services to you (sometimes even after you leave us) either by ourselves, or our related companies.


Personal Information Security

Huda Clinic is committed to keeping your personal information secure, and we will take reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, loss, release, misuse or alteration.


Whilst we take all reasonable steps to secure your personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, you acknowledge that all activities in which you intentionally or unintentionally supply information to carries an inherent risk of loss of, misuse of, or unauthorized access to such information. Huda Clinic cannot be held responsible for such actions where the security of the personal information is not within our control, or where we cannot reasonably prevent such incident.


Additionally, you acknowledge that the collection and use of your personal information by third parties may be subject to separate privacy policies and/or the laws of other jurisdictions.

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