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We offer complimentary consultations, and can make recommendations to fit your wants and needs. Whether you are looking for a skin care product line to use at home, or have specific needs for a salon or spa treatment, we are always available to answer your questions.

A: We highly recommend making reservations in advance, but feel free to call on short notice, as we may have an opening or cancellation.

A: All prices are subject to change. Product refunds must be done within 10 days of purchase with original receipt.

Yes, our therapists offer a holistic range of relaxing and therapeutic massages. Please consult with one of our therapists to find the treatment that is right for you.

Ombre is the “Style”
The word Ombre comes from the French word “shadow”. Ombre is the actual style. It is the transition of a lighter shade from a darker shade. Ombre is kind of like color blocking, there are no dark pieces left on the bottom to help keep it natural, just a nice transition between the colors. While the Ombre is a beautiful look, it is also something that needs to be done right!
Balayage is the “Technique”
The word “Balayage” comes from another French word meaning “to sweep”. In Balayage, there are dark pieces left on the bottom to create dimension and a more natural look. This technique looks like natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair.

We suggest bringing several pictures that best illustrate the style and look that you want. It may take several pictures to get the point across, but that’s okay. Making sure that we maintain clear communication will almost always result in a positive salon experience.

Hair free skin! Each person’s skin reacts differently to a wax. You can expect a bit of tenderness and redness for the first few hours following the service. Slight itchiness as the hair grows back is also normal. Correct post-wax care will eliminate these symptoms quickly.

Please avoid tanning on the day of your wax. You should also refrain from waxing if you are currently taking Retin-A or Acutane, or have taken either of these in the last three months. These products increase the rate at which your skin exfoliates, so waxing could potentially remove skin along with the hair. OUCH!

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