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Optimizing Your Nail Care

1. We love the look of a perfect sheer manicure on long, tapered talons as much as the next woman, but who’s got the time? For equally elegant, less fussy nails, go short, round, and dark. File your nails so they line up with the tips of your fingers and round the corners.

2. Low on cash but still want to indulge? Pamper your feet. If you’re going to indulge in any spa treatment, go for a pedicure. It costs more than a manicure (though much less than a body treatment), and it lasts for weeks.

3. For those using sunscreen and bug spray in the summer, we recommends wiping it off your nails after applying. “The chemicals in those products can break down the top coat and polish, shortening the wear of the manicure.”

4. In order to make sure that your nail polish lasts longer, we recommend applying glitter nail polish on top for a longer-lasting finish that will also add a hint of sparkle.

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